Getting to grips with CBD edibles

The world of cannabis edibles is certainly exciting, and there are a number of CBD treats that are very appealing – the medical industry is keen not to let the recreational industry have all the fun! The old-school brownies and cookies are still really popular, but CBD gummies and other kinds of jellies also tend to sell well.

In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits of CBD, and find out why people like to take CBD in edible form.

What does CBD do?

CBD is one of more than 400 compounds and 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis. While many cannabinoids and terpenes boast therapeutic value, the all-encompassing effects of CBD are perhaps unmatched. Furthermore, CBD causes no psychoactive response in the user – you can medicate safe in the knowledge that you won’t suffer from a temporary decline in cognitive function.

CBD is a widely-used alternative therapy for a myriad of illnesses, both mental and physical. Some choose to tack on CBD with their existing medication, while others find that the cannabis compound allows them to quit pharmaceutical drugs completely – in the case of opioid painkillers, this is very encouraging.

The antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties of cannabidiol are of interest to patients with depression and anxiety. The absence of side effects – especially psychoactive ones – makes CBD an attractive treatment in theory, although more studies are needed to confirm just how useful the cannabinoid is.

The physical health benefits of CBD come mainly from the compound’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. The endocannabinoid system’s influence on pain and inflammation is complex, but in a nutshell, CBD helps to return the mechanisms that regulate these conditions to full working order.

The body is always attempting to reach homeostasis, where the main systems are in a state of equilibrium – if you regulate the endocannabinoid system, these effects tend to filter down to the minor networks.

The benefits of CBD edibles over other types of CBD

All CBD products are beneficial, but some conditions suit certain types of consumption methods more than others. The reasons for taking edibles are not immediately clear, as the cannabinoids take longer to start working this way, but the elongated effects make it all worth it.

For those whose condition is persistent, and doesn’t really change in intensity, CBD edibles are a much more effective and economical way of medicating. Edibles release the cannabinoids into the body at a more gradual rate, and while the total length of effects is ultimately decided by metabolism speed, it’s not uncommon for them to last between six to eight hours. To experience relief from vaping for this long, you would probably need to dose up at least three times.

And much more discretion is offered with CBD edibles than vaping CBD or smoking a joint. There’s no distinct odor produced, although the edibles themselves may have a slight aroma if terpenes are also present. If you spend a lot of time on the move, and in spaces where vaping isn’t possible, then edibles have you covered. No one is going to know that your treats, be they CBD chocolate bars or gummy bears, are medicated.

For people who prefer medicating in a more conventional manner, CBD capsules work in the same way that CBD edibles do. These pills are filled with CBD oil, that is released into the body after the capsule is broken down. The CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream following passage through the gut and liver, which biologists know as the “first pass metabolism”. As with edibles, CBD capsules can take an hour or more to start having an effect.

Take the perfect dose with CBD edibles

It’s impossible to take an exact dosage when medicating with natural cannabis flower, as the cannabinoids are not spread across the surface in a standardized way. For some, this isn’t an issue, but others like to know exactly which substances – and how much of them – they are putting into their bodies, and with CBD edibles, it’s easier to work this out. It’s possible to be fairly accurate with vaping, but if you aren’t using a cartridge, then the amount of vapor you draw in each time will vary.

But in edibles, the CBD is spread evenly throughout the product, or the label states how much CBD is in each gummy bear, for example. This gives the user the freedom to experiment with different doses and perhaps journal the effects. Becoming mindful about how CBD influences the body and certain ailments helps make the experience more worthwhile, as the user can judge for themselves the most suitable dosage.

Difference between CBD-isolate and full-spectrum edibles

Hemp-derived CBD edibles are separated into two types: CBD-isolate edibles and full-spectrum CBD edibles. Here’s what you need to know about both of them.

CBD isolates

CBD-isolates usually come in the form of concentrates, however such products can be consumed as if they were edibles. However, more common CBD edibles can also be made using isolated CBD. CBD-isolates are made using just the CBD compound from the cannabis plant.

Full-spectrum CBD edibles

In contrast, full-spectrum CBD edibles make use of the hundreds of other compounds found in cannabis – terpenes and non-psychoactive cannabinoids can be very therapeutic. Full-spectrum CBD is often preferred over isolates, as this helps to bring out the “entourage effect”.

The entourage effect is a theory supported by many cannabis researchers that suggests cannabinoids and terpenes interact synergistically, thereby making a product more therapeutic than if it just contained one cannabinoid.

However, full-spectrum CBD edibles do not contain high levels of THC, and those sold in the United States will never have more than 0.3 percent THC – this is the federal maximum. Hemp is the strain of cannabis sativa that is used to make full-spectrum CBD edibles because of the low THC content which allows a whole-plant extract to be taken without exceeding the THC limit.

There remains a big market for CBD-isolates though, with many users wanting to stick just to the CBD, and not leave room for other effects.

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