What are the Best CBD Oils 2018?

So the big Question is what are the Best CBD Oils? 

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Well you’ve come to the right place. CBD Compare are fortunate enough to be at the center of the CBD product revolution and we are able to review, test and sample the majority of the products being manufactured in Europe and in the USA. If anyone is able to recommend the best CBD Oil it’s us!!

What are the basics of making the best CBD Oil?

What makes the best CBD Oil? Well this is all about growing the best industrial Hemp. The best CBD comes straight from the trichomes of the un-pollinated female hemp plant. So a Hemp crop will only contain female plants. Any cross pollination with male plants will reduce the amount, quality and overall purity of the finished CBD Oil.

So starting off with a well bred all female crop is the first step to the best CBD.

Ever wanted to know the difference between a Male and Female hemp / cannabis plant? No? Well why not learn anyway, you never know when it may come in handy!

Female Hemp Plants produce the best CBD Oil

Female Hemp Plants produce the best CBD Oil !

Cultivating a high quality crop is the most important thing that has to happen in order to begin the process of creating a top quality CBD Oil product. With a large crop of hemp, many acres are planted with up to 15 plants per sq. ft.

What comes after the Hemp has been harvested? When does it become CBD Oil?

Once the Hemp has been harvested, the process of extraction begins.
CBD can extracted from hemp using a number of methods. We promote a company who use completely organic methods for this process using its specialized CO2 extraction processs.

Some manufacturers use chemical extraction processes which can cause the following two negative effects :

  1. The chemical process isn’t as complete and this means that much needed CBD and other cannabinoids ( for full spectrum Oils ) are left behind.
  2. Chemical processes reduce the purity and also the effectiveness of the finished CBD product.

If you want the best CBD oils , then go for something fully organic !

Ethical side note : CBD Compare prefer to work with companies who produce their Hemp organically. This includes the treating or preventing of pests from destroying the hemp crop. Luckily, the majority of CBD companies are now adopting this approach, meaning that even at the plant stage, your CBD is pure and natural!

Top  – The Best CBD Oils 2018 so far !


1st Place – The Best CBD Oils 2018

CBD Pure Hemp Oil 600

This CBD Oil is the most popular product that we work with. It comes in a 600mg dosage which sits right in the middle of the strength spectrum. Making this the perfect product for the majority of users.

CBD Pure are one of the companies who we recommend over most others when it comes to both quality of service and the quality of their CBD oil.

We highly rate the 600mg Oil tincture as a guaranteed, go-to CBD Oil


2nd Place – The Best CBD Oils 2018

Elixinol Hemp Oil Drops 300 

Elixinol are one of the biggest names in the CBD Oil business. And we rate them extremely highly. This 300mg tincture is one of our most popular products and this due to a mixture of a great quality pure CBD. Alongside a fantastic price point.

Using the exclusive CBD Comparison discount code 10off377

You can get this 30ml 300mg CBD Oil for only $29.99

It’s a crazy price for a top branded product and surely one of the best cbd oils you can buy.



3rd Place – The Best CBD Oils 2018

Diamond CBD Full Spectrum MCT Oil

Diamond CBD have one of the most exciting and polished selections of CBD products available anywhere on the planet. The speed of development, quality of product and the excellence shown in their applications and packaging are quite staggering.

Diamond CBD is another one of our favorite CBD Brands and this full spectrum MCT CBD Oil is one of the best products on the market today.

This is a Full Spectrum top quality CBD tincture and comes in 30ml bottles available in strengths ranging from 500mg to 1000mg and then a mighty 1500mg of Cannabidiol per tincture.

With ultimate quality there does come a price, but remember this is on our “best cbd oils” list because it is simply one of the best CBD oils you can possibly buy!! Prices start at  $79.99


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